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Title: 3-1-3 German Offense
Post by: italguy10 on March 28, 2010, 03:07:50 PM

I would like to implement the 3-1-3 German Offense but I would like someone to help explain how it works.



Title: Re: 3-1-3 German Offense
Post by: FangKing on April 07, 2010, 12:51:03 AM
What i heard from my team mates, is basically a very weird dupe play.

the 3 deep players run deep and pull apart the defense players leaving 4 people mid field (3 handlers and 1 cutter). Yes the 3 deeps are actually decoys toe free up field space. the 3 handlers juggle the disc ack and forth and try and gain field with the swings and up passes to the single cutter. The single cutter can cut sideways across the field since theres no players and its easier to lose the mark since theres so much space to run. If the 3 deep players who are meant to be decoys arent marked, then huck it to them.

Title: Re: 3-1-3 German Offense
Post by: zuc704 on April 07, 2010, 02:23:39 AM
Generally you're only going to want to run this if you have a big variation in skill between the best 4 and worst 3 players you have on the field.  The 1 guy in the middle is your strongest player, he should be fast, make good cuts, and be able to make good throws.  The three handlers swing the disc, trying to hit your guy in the middle, then the guy in the middle looks for one of the deep guys making a cut.  It should be a quick continuation from the middle guy to a deep guy, so they should be somewhat involved.

I've never actually run this in a game though.  Anyone know what's supposed to happen if everyone for the middle guy to throw to upfield are covered?  Does he just try to hit handlers on dump cuts?

Title: Re: 3-1-3 German Offense
Post by: canis216 on April 16, 2010, 06:16:01 PM
I've run this offense a few times, as recently as last month. 3-1-3 is a conservative, possession-based offense. The 1 is generally your most versatile player. By isolating him in the middle of the field, you can gain good yards with throws to space, without having to worry about poachers. I can describe a sequence my team used at the recent hat tournament in Moab, UT.

"Middle handler puts a throw to space after the "1" has pushed his defender towards the right sideline. Uncontested grab, gaining about 20 yards. 1 then throws easy 25-30 yards to big downfield cutter, who immediately puts an easy backhand dump to a handler (me) streaking down the left sideline towards him. Left-side handler swings it back to middle handler as cutters switch to vert for end zone offense."

Great things about this offense are that it enforces patience, and the roles are really well-prescribed. This is helpful if you can't get the timing down on your regular offense, and are desperate to make something work.

Handler will either throw it to the 1, or swing it to another handler who can do a better job of it. Please note that handlers in this offense generally don't strike upfield unless called for--otherwise they might screw up the passing lane to the 1.

Downfield cutters make cuts ONLY for the 1, unless you install a play that says otherwise. When one of these cutters make a catch, they will dump it to the nearest, safest dump. No turning around and forcing the issue.

The 1 will make safe continuation throws, or make a safe dump to a handler to start the cycle anew.

Limitations: Turnovers are few, but will often come close to your own end zone. Few huck opportunities for handlers, though the 1 may take a shot or two. Not as dynamic and flexible as regular HO. Like any offense, works best if your handlers can break the mark with regularity. Natives may get restless if all they do is play as a deep cutter.

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