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Title: Halibut
Post by: JdR on May 29, 2007, 02:08:29 AM
Seven things to do after getting home from Halibut 2007
1. Sleep.

2. Go cold turkey for a few days. Nothing heightens the memory-solidifying-process of a Halibut like going without disc/exercise/alcohol/Dusty/Peta/whatever you over-subscribed to.

3. Try to explain what you did all weekend to your slightly confused co-workers.

4. Write about Halibut. Its genuinely fascinating to me to read how the tournament was different for different people, so put it into email, blogs, message boards and the like.

5. Unpack all your stuff. If something's gone missing, email the TD. Do your laundry before it gets really festy.

6. Get back to work, you Ulti-bum.

7. Make your booking for Halibut 2008.

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