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Title: 5 on 5 (indoor) Zone Defense Anyone?
Post by: AladinFuPal on January 15, 2011, 07:58:06 AM
Hey Guys.
Well this topic was here before, still i ve some questions left.
Is there any viable zone vs an itermediate offense?

We re playing indoor Ultimate in off-season, with no weather influences at all (obviously :D ).
While our attempts of zone defens (like 1-3-1. or 2cup-2-1) doesnt work that well vs "standard" offense setup (2/3 handler + vert stack)
its almost impossible when offense switches to 2-1-2 iso in a X formation)

_X___X_(handling line)
1 deep cant cover both receifer and havent found a way to adjust properly.
Any ideas or just stick to man - where we re sometimes facing missmatches in mixedplay, especially when playing nonstop.
is there any kind of junk def.? other ideas/input?

cheers :D

Title: Re: 5 on 5 (indoor) Zone Defense Anyone?
Post by: RobbieFinch on January 25, 2011, 11:08:44 AM
You might want to try a 1-2-2 zone. You set up with a chase, two mid/wings and two deeps.

The two deeps aren't quite the same though, you'll have a deep-deep and a shallow-deep. If the deep recievers are split then both of you will drop back, but if they're not then the shallow-deep will push in to cover iso throws.

You'll need a lot of communication to make that type of zone work, and on a decent size pitch man might well be better, but it might be worth trying.

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