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Title: Teaching Ultimate Frisbee HS Summer Camp Course - Drills/Mini-Games Suggestions
Post by: magnus1225 on April 24, 2012, 11:21:01 AM
Hey everyone,

A little background on myself before getting to the subject.  I was introduced to ultimate in 7th grade, I'm 23 now.  I played on a college team for a semester, went to a couple tournaments.  Haven't really played to many games the past couple years, I mostly enjoy passing around the discs with friends.

So, this summer I'll be returning to a summer camp for high school students from around the world (mostly sophomores/juniors) where I'll be instructing an Ultimate Frisbee course.  (Last year I was an assistant to the instructor so the course had already been planned out, but this year I did all the planning).  The course is only 7 days long, running about 1.5 hrs long.  Most of the kids have thrown a frisbee around, a couple known how to actually throw decently, and very few have played a game of ultimate.  I have the 7 days pretty much planned out it's just that I've been away from the game/different drills/mini-games for so long I've forgotten a lot of them... also they were to complex. 

I'm hoping the community can help me out here.  I'm looking for 'mostly' various throwing drills, and some defensive/offensive drills.  I only teach the force for defense, no zone, cup, etc... and only cutting for offense due to time restrictions and also complexity.  We tried teaching the stack last year but that failed miserably.  I'm also looking for some fun mini-games.  I have durango boot, flubber guts, and the 2 lines, 1v1, I huck the disc and they work on reading the disc and timing their jumps (can't remember the name for this). 

Keeping in mind these need to be FUN (which I know is strongly determined by myself) if at all possible, simple simple simple because they have a short attention span. 

I really appreciate it everyone!


Title: Re: Teaching Ultimate Frisbee HS Summer Camp Course - Drills/Mini-Games Suggestions
Post by: DesignatedDecoy (DD) on May 10, 2012, 12:02:57 PM
I like 3 on 3 Hotbox myself.  It will give them 1 on 1 D skills, cutting skills, force them into various throws, and give them experience catching near lines (jumping, dragging toes, leaning, etc).  With such small numbers, you have no choice but to touch the disc often.  You can move the clear lines in or out depending on how much exercise you want them to get.

If you want drills and had trouble with the H stack you might simply want to do a 3 on 3 ho Stack drill.  2 cutters with defenders, one thrower with or without a mark.  Force your cutters to talk to each other to determine who's cutting first and if they are staying in their lanes or crossing.  Can also give your D the chance to practice a bit of mini zone D or sponge.

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