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Title: 3 on 3 outdoors?
Post by: andy1990 on October 31, 2012, 01:30:58 PM
Hi guys

this friday I'll be going to a 3v3 tournament. I've never done 3v3 before, need some ideas for attack and defense.

Experience wise, a few of us (squad of 5) have played for a few years, others have played for a month and aren't happy with throwing forehands in a match situation. Other teams hopefully the same

Only thing I can come up with is a 1-2 ho-stack when the disk is in the middle, and a 2-1 to escape a sideline.

D-wise, I'm guessing man is our only option, but what force? and shade under or deep? handler poach or no?

Conditions: It will be quite small pitches and the weather this week has been variable, could be dead calm, or raining and strong winds. It is astroturf under floodlights

Thanks guys

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