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Title: Doubt about fouls
Post by: Musgo on April 03, 2014, 06:57:59 PM
Hi guys, I moved from Brazil to Italy and I started to practice this year with the team of the city i’m living in.
I’m writing you because of a doubt that came up in a training today.
The training objective was to improve basic movements on the offense and on the defense.  I tried to draw it, sorry if it’s not good enough.
Well, in the scheme i’m offensive player number 2. I was suppose to run to catch the disc and make a cut, in case of the handler decided not to pass, so then i could catch the disc at the other direction.
Very simple.
The problem was that my marker (defensive player number 2) pushed my back at least twice making me lose my equilibrium every time i was going to make the cut, once the handler decided to pass on the other direction.
I told him and told the coach that i thought that was a foul. Of course, thinking that it could happens in a real game.  It was a little bit hard to explain because of the language and because the coach was looking to the handler so  he couldn’t say if it was or not a foul. Then i’m taking my shot with you to try to understand that.
Musgo (that's my nickname...)

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