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Title: Ads on UltiTalk - Your thoughts and feedback
Post by: Admin on February 14, 2008, 04:10:00 PM
Greetings UTers,

No doubt you've seen the various ads we've recently placed on select portions of the UT website.  It is our hope that by doing this we can simply cover the costs of running, hosting and managing the UT website.  We definitely don't want to dissuade members from using UT, and that is what this topic/poll is all about.

Please let us know your thoughts on the ads.  Do you like them?  Do you hate them?  Do you care one way or another?  :P  Any feedback/comments/suggestions you could provide will help us to better select the appropriate ads and allocate the right amount of screen real estate towards this campaign, while at the same time keeping it to a minimum so as not to upset our members.

Thanks in advance...

- The UT Admin

Title: Re: Ads on UltiTalk - Your thoughts and feedback
Post by: Chris on February 14, 2008, 07:18:56 PM
I run a fairly popular gaming forum and I have found that being more aggressive with the integration of ads being shown to the guests is far more effective than when you are applying it to members. Members come here to use the forums not look for information and are far less likely to click. Where as guests come to the forums not really knowing what to expect and if they don't find what they like they may look towards the ads and click because it interests them.

So I have quite a number of ad blocks running when users aren't logged in on my site, and under each I have a small animated image that says something to the effect of "Join for FREE today to remove the ads and have your say". By doing this it not only significantly increased my forum earnings by aggressive targeting the usergroup most likely to click the ads, but I also increased my registration rates, and improved the user experience for my members as I only show they a small fraction of the ads.

With that said in writing this post I have found the flash ads a little distracting - and I was even tempted to click the ad I pasted below. I'm assuming you are running ads with http://www.cpxinteractive.com - if this is the case are you operating on a CPM or CPC basis, and if you are running on a CPC basis it might be worthwhile considering Google AdSense which is far less aggressive and doesn't destroy user experience but also performs quite well and is flexible in terms of design and banner size options AND is relevant to your site's content. I highly recommend checking it out.

Damn online marketers know me too well - I definitely "cared to see the rest":


Title: Re: Ads on UltiTalk - Your thoughts and feedback
Post by: simmo on February 14, 2008, 07:34:43 PM
Doesn't bother me. As long as they're not intrusive (eg: popups). I never click on ads anyway.

Title: Re: Ads on UltiTalk - Your thoughts and feedback
Post by: Admin on February 20, 2008, 12:08:38 PM
Alright UTers,

Thanks to those who have voted in the poll above and provided feedback thus far.  Keep the votes and comments coming...

Special thanks to UT member Chris for his very insightful information on forum advertising.  We've implemented some of his suggestions, one of which is showing limited ads to members.  You've probably already noticed the missing tower ads on the right when viewing posts.  Those ads, along with a few others, will now only be shown to non-members (i.e. guests of the website).

Happy days...

- UT Admin

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