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Title: Billets for ECC
Post by: JMc on May 26, 2008, 08:56:47 AM
Not sure who the contacts are at Eastern unis these days... all you kids grow up so fast...  :'(

Anyway, UQ looks quite likely to get a team to ECC this year (albeit a skeleton crew), but money is obviously a bit of an issue, so we're looking for billets to save some cash. If you're gonna be playing ECC, you live in the same city as the fields, and you've got space on your floor/coach/bed/pool table for a Queenslander or three, please let me know (john underscore mcnaughton at mailhaven dot com, or just reply here with contact details). We're all toilet trained, and most of us don't drool too much. One or two are even semi-literate...

So yeah, please get in touch if you can help out. Also, if uni people could contact their ECC teams about this for maximum coverage, that would be fantastic.

Cheers all.

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