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91  General / Ulti Development / Indoor Youth League on: May 15, 2009, 05:17:24 PM
Hello all-
I am in the works of creating and running an Indoor Ultimate League for ages 10-14. We are doing it indoor for multiple reasons: easier throws for youngsters(wind is nuts for kids), easier to be aware of where their going), field space, and easier for parents to sit and watch the game. I am thinking of a 12 week program with a draft and a tourney the last week. Does anyone have any advice as to how to go about teaching the kids the sport? Do we take a direct Ultimate approach and teach them the ins and outs right away, or do we ease them in to it? We only have 12 weeks so do we focus on teaching it for the first few weeks and then play games the last 8 weeks? I was thinking about having a mass practice once a week and then play team games on Saturdays. I am going to get volunteer coaches and I am going to have to come up with the curriculum for coaches and for students. Anyone have any good curriculum or advice for that? Thanks for all the help and anything you say would be helpful thanks!
92  General / Ulti Development / Re: Grants and other monies opportunities on: May 12, 2009, 10:47:28 AM
we are looking in to those. i was wondering if anybody knew of any that there organization might have already applied for and received.
thanks for the feedback
93  General / Ulti Development / Re: Starting a Tournament? on: May 07, 2009, 01:48:35 PM
Hey man I'm really sorry no one has responded to you. I am very surprised as this is the whole reason for a forum like this. I dont have the best answers but I will try to atleast give you some encouragment.
1st- I appreciate your commitment and I can tell you are where you need to be 2nd-That is a challenge but can be done
The first thing I think you need to ask yourself is do you want to build up their Ultimate skills, or build up the Ultimate culture in your area? If you want to build skills then I am going to say it will be harder to get commited teams to show up and want to abide by the rules. If you want to simply build the culture and drive more to play then i would say, start of easy, light hearted, less strict on the rules and just commit to making it fun and relaxing for everyone involved. If your set on the rules, then make sure that is said before inviting all the teams. Make sure its at least dicussed somewhere as some teams will not know them. Also, if theres anyway to let those teams know what the rules are before the tourney than that would help also. Maybe just the 10 Simple Rules at least.
As far as publicity, sad to say but I think Facebook is still the best place to go with that. Since everyone and their dog uses it, its probably the best way to get exposure. Email is good but its hard to get everyone contacts. I would say try to make it a one day tourney, with games, food, and Ultimate games. Have a fun party in the evening, it doesnt have to be wild or alcoholic, just make it fun, (dumb Ultimate games, races, competitions, and things that everyone can excel in, sort of a all-star game could be fun)

Anyway those are just a few of the suggestions. If you want further info let me know, I can also do some design for you if you want to get a cool poster or flyer out there. See ya
94  General / Ulti Development / Grants and other monies opportunities on: May 07, 2009, 01:37:07 PM
A partner and I have recently started a non-profit organization supporting the education of Ultimate in our local area. We have received non-profit status and are now looking for grant and other money opportunities. Does anyone know of any good grant opportunities that they have heard of besides the UPA Grant given out? Thanks-
Any feedback would be appreciated.
95  General / Ulti Events / 2nd Annual Branson Parks and Recreation Bring It and Fling It tournament on: February 24, 2009, 12:52:12 AM
April 18th, put it on the calendar. This year is going to be great. Branson, MO , the Hillbilly Las Vegas. The tournament is a savage tourney with a 5 guys/2 girls format. You can bring 9 total on your roster, but only sub between games or injury. Entry fee is only $100 dollars and each member gets a free tournament T-Shirt! We can only hold up to 9 teams so get your bids and money in fast. We will have pool play then bracket play so everyone will have plenty of games. Tell your friends, and get your roster ready for Branson Bring It and Fling It 09!
Money is due April 10th.
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