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121  Regional / Australasia / Re: Nationals Photos on: May 11, 2007, 11:43:44 AM
Thanks Sep.

Yeah, that one is kind of strange.  I had a very distinct feeling of deja vu as I shot it.  Here's last year's version:


- Rog
Top shots Rog.  Excellent work.

I'd have to say, this one is very cool:


Very surreal.   Cool


- Sep

Look at the colour of the grass in those two "similar" pics.

I know where I'd rather be laying out!
122  Regional / Australasia / Re: "The Road To Gold Goast" - 2007 University ultimate on: May 11, 2007, 11:40:44 AM
Is 'The Big Wet' going to happen again this year?

Yes it is. Check it out: http://www.afda.com/showtournament.php?tournamentid=340

Bitch at Dan Rule (he does read this).

It's true. He can't help but read it. He's also not going to be happy that his name has been mentioned again... hehehe... Dan Rule..

You've already had one IV.

It was a sweet tournament too.

...and just in case you hadn't heard. 'Church St' (the juniors team from Ballarat) beat Monash Uni, Latrobe Uni, and one of the Ballarat Uni teams at this tournament. Only losing one game to the other Ballarat Uni team.
123  Regional / Australasia / Re: Melbourne: Albert Park Leagues - Winter Season on: May 07, 2007, 08:24:36 PM
after creating the team "sweet as" it just so happens that there's no position for me on the team anymore..

so i've been put in the div 1 hat hoping to be plucked out onto a fun team.
124  Regional / Australasia / Re: About time we had a Nationals dicussion thread on: April 25, 2007, 10:47:35 PM
Nationals Results

1st     Chilly
2nd     Fakulti S
3rd    Fakulti R
4th    Barefoot
5th    I-Beam
6th    Sublime
7th    Heads Of State
8th    Firestorm
9th    Fyshwick Gentleman's Club
10th    Karma
11th    ?? (Wollongong or the other Fyshwick)
12th    ?? (Wollongong or the other Fyshwick)
13th    Manly
14th    Hot Chilly
15th    Thor
16th    Tassie Tiggers
125  Regional / Australasia / Re: "The Road To Gold Goast" - 2007 University ultimate on: March 27, 2007, 04:30:27 AM
Plans are underway to get a Vic Uni team started. Will keep you updated on the progress.
126  Regional / Australasia / Re: About time we had a Nationals dicussion thread on: March 14, 2007, 02:26:29 AM
..speaking of Pottsy's seedings..

1 S1 Chilly (Melbourne)
2 E1 Barefoot (Sydney)
3 E2 Fakulti S
4 E3 Fakulti R
5 E4 I-Beam (Newcastle)
6 N1 Firestorm (Brisbane)
7 S2 Heads of State (Melbourne/Ballarat)
8 E5 Fyshwick United (Canberra)
9 N2 Thor (Townsville/Byron)
10 W1 Sublime (Perth)
11 E6 Fyshwick United 2 (Canberra)
12 E7 Wollongong
13 E8 Manly
14 S3 Hot Chilly (Melbourne)
15 S4 Karma (Adelaide)
16 S5 Tassie Tiggers (Hobart)

1 S1 Team Box (Melbourne)
2 E1 Wildcard (North Sydney)
3 E2 Sugar Magnolias (Newcastle)
4 E3 Southside (South Sydney)
5 W1 Primal (Perth)
6 E4 no No NOs (Manly)
7 E5 Bra (Canberra)
8 E6 Untouchables (Sydney Hills)
9 S2 Honey (Melbourne)
10 N1 Sultry Hot (Brisbane)
11 E7 Wollongong
12 N2 Sultry Steamy (Brisbane)
13 S3 Ishtar (Melbourne)
14 S4 Bush (Hobart)
15 S5 Indie (Adelaide)
127  Regional / Australasia / Re: Who is going to win Aussie Nationals (Open) this year? on: March 07, 2007, 09:10:22 PM
Best looking... our new gear should arrive tomorrow! C'mon!
128  Regional / Australasia / Re: National League Update on: March 06, 2007, 11:45:51 PM
Not long now Joe.

You've got to take Regionals seriously if you want to go to Nationals.  Smiley

And thanks for the compliments about the site. Between now and Nationals there will be a proper site.
129  Regional / Australasia / Re: Aussie Ulti Gossip? on: March 06, 2007, 11:43:30 PM
Forum Joe
As I understand it...  Due to many 'Chilly A' players not attending regionals, regulations mean that the 'Chilly A' players that are at regionals have to play on the same team. Which makes it difficult to make two even teams when the best players are all on the same team. So in an attempt to make these teams even, they've put the 'better' players and the 'not as good' players on one team, and the people in the middle on the other team.

Simmo explained it well.

I'd put my money on Hot Chilly to win when they play each other in the pool matches. Not to say that the other team won't be any good, cos they will be.
130  Regional / Australasia / Re: Aussie Ulti Gossip? on: March 06, 2007, 04:02:46 AM
Chilly are splitting evenly

They don't look even to me.
131  Regional / Australasia / Re: National League Update on: March 06, 2007, 03:55:50 AM

Vic juniors and some old hands (Owen S, Piers, Rueben from Qld) are forming an anti-Chilly in Victoria, should be a good team in little time.

For more information visit Heads Of State...  and we're already a good team!

Not specifically 'anti-Chilly', but when there's only one other mens club in Victoria there has to be a rivalry.

Is there a mens club in Australia that isn't 'anti-Chilly'?
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