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1  General / Ulti Development / Re: proliferation of ultimate as a legitimate sport. on: April 03, 2007, 06:24:20 AM
Great post Chef, just got to come back on you on a few points:

1) Where did you get that spectators info for Southampton, and how relaible is it? I'm planning to attend as a spectator, so it would help if I knew I had to set aside money for admission.

A new initiative was started a few years ago... EUCS (European Ultimate Club Series) which gets the top few teams from each region/country playing each other at a higher level. This year the regions were modified as ultimate grows in europe (Belguim, Netherlands and Luxembourg were added to Western region which was previously just UK and Eire). In a sense, this will help develop european ultimate as the better teams play higher level competition to combat USA Australia and Japan at worlds in the future. This was met with some criticism recently, as some players are wondering why some European teams are playing at our national event; essentially a Belgian team could hold the UK national title, although they're not from the UK!

The EUCS was actually started last year, but for a lot of people, it went un-noticed (I suspect because of Worlds.. it probably wasn't the best idea to launch the EUCS the same year as a WUCC tournament, and certainly when this particular one was out-of-sync with when it's normally played, but that's just imho).

On the UK Nationals thing, (I'm assuming here you saw all the debate on BritDisc about it) generally, all the feedback I've heard has been good. The UKUA had already set the dates for the Nationals before the announcement from the EFDF about the re-organisation of the regions, so there wasn't really a lot the UKUA could do, but they recognise the problems that could cause from a say, an Dutch team winning the "UK" National title.
Once a year the UKUA has an annual conference, which covers many areas of ultimate, including development. Sadly turnout is consistently low as many players would rather play than sit in meetings.

I was at the UKUA conference this year, which is where a lot of the info from above on the EUCS comes from. There was a discussion about how the conference would be done in future years, and all that really came out of that was there seemed to be a need to promote it better! I certainly learned loads from being there, and I would personally recommend attending to any Ultimate player in the UK.
2  General / Ulti Media / Re: Sweet Indoor Ulti Action on: March 08, 2007, 06:56:39 AM
I played in an Indoor Regional Championships a few weeks ago, and the answer is YES, people do layout indoors... A lot of the players were wearing knee and elbow pads though.
3  General / Ulti Development / Re: proliferation of ultimate as a legitimate sport. on: March 08, 2007, 06:49:35 AM
I totally agree with TheBluntman that youth development is the way to go.

However, here in the UK there's a worrying trend emerging that when a lot of students leave University, a lot of them a keen to keep playing the sport, but they either don't know of a Open/Mixed team they can join, or one dosen't exist! Maybe this is just a UK thing.

How well organised is the jump between student and regular Ultimate in other countries (teams, publicity etc.)?
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