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1  General / Ulti Talk / Re: New University team in Scotland. on: January 03, 2009, 09:37:18 PM

Eta Throw It
throw it eat

2  General / Ulti Talk / Re: New people annoy me just slightly! on: January 03, 2009, 09:32:51 PM
Discuss your feelings with the coach and perhaps try to organise a serious 'invite only' training session for the committed.
3  General / Ulti Talk / Re: GAIA Ultimate = Bankrupt? on: January 03, 2009, 09:28:38 PM
Their 2009 catalogue is available, so I doubt they are in too much danger of going out of business just yet.

To be honest I'm not that impressed with the company... the last jersey I got from them was manufactured inside out with the eyelets on the inside, negating the purpose of a tech fabric.
4  General / Ulti Events / most desirable tournament on: January 03, 2009, 09:22:30 PM
What do you want out of a tournament?

lower fees?
freebies? (player prizes, free fruit, spot giveaways)
onsite medical staff?
better prizes?
meals included in the player fee?
more things to do in between games?
music during games?

what was the best tournament you've been to, and what made it stand out?
5  Regional / North America / Re: C1 Ultimate: Yes or No? on: January 03, 2009, 09:04:54 PM
I can see both sides of the argument.

on one hand it's elitist and undermines the UPA.
on the other hand economic competition is great for improving standards and C1 might improve ultimate in a way the the UPA never could.

more info:
6  General / Ulti Media / Re: ultipedia logo competition on: March 06, 2008, 06:08:20 PM
I thought I'd bump this thread as ultipedia has the potential to be a great resource, but needs more people contributing to it to achieve its potential.

If you can spare some time to contribute to ultipedia.org it will help improve the site... most people seem to add the url for their team and stop there... why not include something on a strategic set play or zone, or even your favourite cheer/call/spirit game?
7  Regional / Europe / Re: National team funding on: March 06, 2008, 05:55:37 PM
In the UK we've had a couple of tournaments that turn their profits over to the national team, which is a good way of making money for the teams and getting the teams involved... see www.blockstack.tv episode 3 for more info on the 'damme slamme' women's tournament.

We have also had the following fundraising intiatives (there might be similar schemes in place for other countries):

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: *****  <*****>
Date: 26 Feb 2008 14:29
Subject: Easy Fundraising for GB

 Firstly - thanks for reading.  Please read everything in this message.
  It shows you a way that you can help us get the GB squads to
 Vancouver without any cost to yourself.

 Go to the following website: http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk.  (You
 will have to register - sorry - but it only takes a minute).

 When you register, simply choose your cause from the list (under "G"
 you'll see various GB squads)

 There are three ways that you can raise money for the GB squads:
 1 - online shopping
 2 - free trials
 3 - easysearch

 1 - Online Shopping

 Whenever you are doing your online shopping, simply go to
 http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk first, log in, then search for a
 retailer from there.  They have a deal with all the big names (Amazon,
 Play.com <http://play.com/>, HMV, Tesco, WHSmith, Comet, etc etc) and
 whenever you buy
 something from any of those websites while using
 http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk as a portal, those same 'big name'
 companies donate money to our cause!  It's really that simple.

 It costs you exactly the same amount of money as it would to shop
 there normally.  Each company donates a different amount; around 2-4%
 of the total purchase will be given to the GB teams.

 2 - Free Trials

 In addition, there is a link called 'Free Funds'
 [http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/raise_funds_for_free/] that allows
 you to raise money for us *without spending any money yourself*.  For
 instance, take out a free 2 week trial at LoveFilm and they donate £8!
  (you can cancel for free immediately without spending a penny, or
 simply enjoy the free dvd rental)

 3 - easysearch

 Use the following : http://gbultimate2.easysearch.org.uk/ and you don't even
 need to register to use it.

 Now here's the kicker.  Don't keep this to yourself.  Email it to regional
 lists, club lists,
 friends, relatives, colleagues and more.  The more people using this
 stuff, the more money we can raise and it doesn't cost you a thing.

 On behalf of all the GB teams - thanks!
8  General / Ulti Talk / Re: elbow strengthening exercises? on: July 19, 2007, 09:01:25 AM
Just an idea...
Get a resistance band (which is like a giant elastic band) from a local sports shop, shouldn't be expensive at all (you could even use one of those spring based chest stretchers if you had one), tie one end to a stationary object and holding the other end in your hand go through the motion of throwing a disc. If it hurts, stop. If it's giving you real grief, go and see a physio.
9  General / Ulti Talk / Re: Ankle strengthing Drills on: July 19, 2007, 08:55:36 AM
Balance exercises are the best way to strengthen muscles as they involve loads of very small, precise movements to maintain your balance; hence wobble board and other balance exercises are good.
I would recommend putting more time and effort into stretching your ankles before training.. try standing on one leg and with the toe of the other foot pivoting on the floor, rotating that ankle in both directions to increase the blood flow; then switch and do the other ankle. Also, at the end of your warm up with your feet together (but not touching) jump over and back an imaginary line a few (15 or so) times, then do the same side to side, helps me out loads.
If you were really serious about getting it better, buy a small medicine ball (one the size of a soccer ball) and do balance exercises on it (eg keeping your balance stood on it with both arms by your side, this will work your core strength also).
Ankles are a bit different to most other parts of your body as they have more tendons than muscles. Ankle injuries are the most common form of injury across a wide range of sports; there is loads of literature about injury prevention out there.

As for drills that strengthen the ankle; try ones that require a change of direction at maximum speed (but only after your ankle has recovered); make this direction change different every time so you're not just turning around and running the opposite way.
10  UltiTalk.Com / Feedback / Suggestion on: July 13, 2007, 10:54:25 AM
...A coaching forum.

Example threads might include:
Nutrition, Drills, Plyometrics, Sprint training, etc.
11  General / Ulti Strategy / Re: How to Poach Properly on: July 13, 2007, 10:51:53 AM
This book has a whole chapter all about poaching. Well worth a read.

12  General / Ulti Strategy / Re: playing zone on a beach? on: July 13, 2007, 10:41:30 AM
The Beach zone I was taught is a little weird...
You have a mark (who puts the force on), and a poach (who ensures the mark does not get broken). There is then a wing (on the open side, to stop the easy pass), a mid (who blocks the open space) and a deep (to guard the huck). However, I have not played this zone, so I don't know how effective it is.
+ points: not many players have to do much running about, so the team has fresh legs.
- points: dump/swing will tire out the marker very quickly; leaves open spaces for hammers.

.....x.......| deep
.....x.......| mid
..x.....x...| poach, wing
....xo......| marker, disc (o)

A windy beach is ideal for a zone as it forces the opposition to make more passes, which means they are more likely to turnover. I aggree that the zone would have to change a bit as the disc got closer to your endzone.
13  General / Ulti Development / Re: Developing Ultimate at Schools on: May 18, 2007, 06:28:47 AM

I just found out about a guy in England who has managed to introduce ultimate to netball and basketball students; might be a help to you.. I will PM you his email address.
14  General / Ulti Development / Re: proliferation of ultimate as a legitimate sport. on: April 03, 2007, 04:37:16 PM
Hi Keith, I was also at the conference. Cheesy

There was a calling a few months ago for volunteers to work at the tourni in southampton, with 'watching high level ultimate for free' as a listed perk. Couple this with many eastern european teams dropping out because of high entry fees... I figure they'll charge spectators to watch.
Just had a look on their website, prices are here: http://www.euc2007.org/html/participants/fees.php (guest fee = £50)
15  General / Ulti Development / Re: proliferation of ultimate as a legitimate sport. on: April 02, 2007, 06:40:46 PM
Firstly, can people please STOP saying that ultimate is not in the olympics because it doesn't have referees; that's nonsense. read here for full info:
As mentioned above, its a case of money and spectators mostly; 10,000 spectators were not at worlds, and I think a lot of people would not be willing to pay to watch Ultimate. (EUCF in Southampton will be interesting as they are charging spectators to watch, I'm curious as to how many they'll get).

There are 2 major schools of thought on the 'growth' subject.
1) We should play ultimate as we like to play it, and watch it grow from there. We should play the tournaments we want to play in, not try to attract interest by any whacky or lucratice promotion.
2) We should do everything in our power to make ultimate bigger; hoping that the game will not change too much in the process.
These two are not in direct conflict with each other, both facilitate getting ultimate taught as a PE option in schools, using the media to attract attention and suchlike, however in Europe we do not have 'observers' as they do in USA, and given the choice I do not think we would adopt them.

In the UK this year (for the first time) ultimate became BUSA (British universities sports association) accredited, meaning essentially that university teams got a lot more funding. However, BUSA imposed some of their own rules upon us which not all players were for (no, they did not introduce referees, just split the regions up a bit and asked that their regulations are met before 'ours'). In general it has been seen as a good thing as it means more money; although the beauty of ultimate is that you do not need a lot of expensive equipment to play it.

A new initiative was started a few years ago... EUCS (European Ultimate Club Series) which gets the top few teams from each region/country playing each other at a higher level. This year the regions were modified as ultimate grows in europe (Belguim, Netherlands and Luxembourg were added to Western region which was previously just UK and Eire). In a sense, this will help develop european ultimate as the better teams play higher level competition to combat USA Australia and Japan at worlds in the future. This was met with some criticism recently, as some players are wondering why some European teams are playing at our national event; essentially a Belgian team could hold the UK national title, although they're not from the UK!

A coaching scheme was launched in the UK a couple of years ago, meeting the requirements of UK-Sport guidelines, the first ever level 2 course was ran in Feb. At present we have some 60 level 1 coaches and 10 level 2 coaches. I am one of the level 2, and I found the courses to be great; I can see them going a long way to help develop the sport (it also means I can get paid to coach ultimate). Furthermore, a pack is available for schools to teach ultimate, it includes a lesson plan for 10 lessons, everything the coach needs to know and suchlike; I'm sure it will be a great help to the sport in this country.

Once a year the UKUA has an annual conference, which covers many areas of ultimate, including development. Sadly turnout is consistently low as many players would rather play than sit in meetings.

I think with all the above considered, ultimate certainly is a legitimate sport and is growing rapidly!

Finally, in reply to Keith; the UKUA website has always had a function which allows you to find your nearest team (it now even has a map!) so it isn't that difficult to find a team close to you and keep playing.
I am currently working with the UKdev group and the UKUA to produce a 'start your own team' pack for release in September. If any internationals out there can offer me some support or similar articles that would be great (PM me and Ill send you my email address). There was one made a few years ago; it can be found here: http://seultimate.org/UKU%20Info%20Pack.20051129.pdf

So, in summary promoting ultimate doesn't just mean getting it into the olympics, there are many aspects to consider all of which make a difference somewhere along the line; be it introducing newcomers to the sport, getting players playing more, raising the calibur for national level players, training coaches or planning future development. Sorry this post was so long.
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