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1  General / Ulti Strategy / Contested In/Out or Score on: April 02, 2012, 04:52:58 PM
Can a defensive player contest whether an offensive player is in bounds or in the endzone?  I thought every call could be contested and if not agreed upon the disc would return to the thrower in the case of a contested in bounds call or a score would not be awarded in the case of the endzone.

At a game recently someone told me this is not the case, that ultimately the player with disc makes the call once they verify that they are in bounds on in the endzone.
2  General / Ulti Strategy / Pick continuation rule on: July 05, 2011, 01:44:35 AM
11th Edition introduced the continuation rule so that if a pick occurs but does not affect the last throw the disc stays with the receiver.  This resulted in the following argument at a recent game.

A pick is called.  The thrower either a) does not hear it, or b) ignores it and throws the disc.  The disc is caught by the offensive team.  However, the defender covering the receiver stopped playing defense when the pick was called but the receiver did not.  Could the defense then argue that if not for the pick call they could have made a play on the disc and it should go back?  Or is it the responsibility of the defense to continue guarding their player until the thrower recognizes the pick call and stops play?  If the second is correct and the onus is on defense to continue playing regardless of the call, wouldn't this allow an unscrupulous thrower to ignore calls if they saw the defense had stopped in order to complete an easy pass?
3  General / Ulti Strategy / Player jumps from out of bounds to in-bounds and catches disc, turnover? on: July 05, 2011, 01:29:53 AM
I think this would be a turnover.  Am I interpreting the rules correctly?

IX.C. A player contacting the out-of-bounds area is out-of-bounds. A player who is not out-of-bounds is in-bounds. An airborne player retains in-bounds or out-of-bounds status until that player contacts the playing field or the out-of-bounds area.

IX.E. A disc becomes out-of-bounds when it first contacts the out-of-bounds area, contacts an out-of-bounds offensive player, or is caught by an out-of-bounds defensive player.

XII.A. If a pass is incomplete or if the disc becomes out-of-bounds other than as a result of a pull, a turnover results.

If, however, if an out-of-bounds player contacts the playing field then catches a disc the result would be a completed pass.  Correct?  Does this create a grey area where players can run off the playing field to get around other players?
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