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Author Topic: Quality of Flick Deteriorates In-Game, Need Help...  (Read 7088 times)
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« on: August 24, 2007, 03:01:10 AM »

Hey, I don't have any trouble throwing flicks when I'm just standing around at a park or getting warmed up before practice/games, but when I get in the middle of a game (I'm a cutter, high school league, run around a lot), my hands get sweaty and my flicks become complete shit. In all seriousness, they're only good for dumps or 5ish yard strikes. My backhand and even my hammer (not a long hammer, maybe 15 yards) are fine (though the hammer loses a *little* accuracy), but my forehand is just garbage. There's maybe one or two other people on my team with a similar problem, but everybody else, even players on the other team, don't seem to have the same problem.

My flick (when I described it as fine) is good. It's fast, it spins, and it's accurate to the point that my receiver won't have to take more than one step to catch it at about 30 yards distance from me. So you can imagine my frustration when I get into a game and it just stops. It's at the point where throwing it really isn't an option unless the player is really close to me and relatively open. Help me! Has anyone else here had a similar problem that they fixed?

I believe that most of it is because I have sweaty hands (though my hands are anything but sweaty throughout the day, only during Ultimate), but I'm sure that it's also a confidence issue and the simple fact that the pace of the game and a feeling of needing to rush also hurt my forehand.

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« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2007, 06:08:51 AM »

Try a bit of three man drill next time you're having a throw.

<about 20-25 feet apart>

1 is thrower, 2 is marker, 3 is receiver. Once 1 throws to 3, 1 runs through and become the marker...


3 then throws to 2, runs through to become the marker, so on and so forth.

It allows you to just focus on throwing while a marker is there, rather than trying to worry about all the other in-game shenanigans.

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« Reply #2 on: November 06, 2007, 08:10:17 PM »

a better version of 3 man marker drill.

instead of the thrower becoming the marker after each throw, the marker should run back and forth between the two throwers for a set number of throws from each thrower. (depending on fitness level - say start with five each, move to ten each etc.)

this makes more sense as it more closley represents a game situation.
the marker acts like a puppy - follows the disc, gets tired etc,
the thrower has a couple of seconds to hold the disc then looks for the dump.

stall counts in this drill should start at five.

if you throw then mark you don't get tired, this is what kills a lot of people in game situation.
getting tired AND getting pressure from a mark are the two main influences on peoples throwing in game situation.

train under pressure, throwing in park or warm up does not represent the pressure of throwing in a game.

another drill (this one sounds silly but it works)
stand facing a wall, one disc width away from it (preferably with you shadow on it),
now pivot from back hand to forhand, changing your grip on the disc to suit.
stretch it out to full extension after a while,

i find bringing the disc across to the other side above my head works well, you generally will not have room to move the disc across your body when a tight mark is applied in a game.

this will work on
A) your balance when pivoting
B) your change of grip (without thinking about it)
C) your throwing from a 'wider' range from your pivot foot.

this will get you thinking about other things and your grip of the disc should improve, make sure you then stretch out your forehand and backhand pivot 'width' when throwing in the park or warm up.

hope these drill help.
really it sounds like a 'pressure' thing.
keep training and get your markers to put pressure on you and you will overcome the yips.

sweaty hands, get sweat bands for each wrist.

good luck
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« Reply #3 on: November 08, 2007, 11:16:46 PM »

I agree with Matt - I'm sure sweat bands will help to a degree. That said I'd imagine more than anything slipping of the disc when you are throwing your flick it is to do with the tightness of your grip on the disc, particularly the pressure of your fingers on the rim of the disc. If your hands are sweaty or it is raining a loose grip just isn't going to work you really need to learn the throw the disc with a much tighter grip. I know that I personally really like to spend a good 5 minutes at bare minimum throwing flicks with someone over all ranges of distance when it is raining or slightly wet, because it really does make a massive difference.

You said you are a cutter so I'm assuming that you aren't throwing a lot of hucks as yet. With that said I think you will find that as you start to look to throw longer distances the pressure and grip on the disc increases to get that extra disc so it might be worthwhile to start practicing really increasing the distances you are throwing in practices to really force yourself to increase the pressure and cock of the fingers on the rim when you are throwing.

Also something else I have noticed is that along with a slightly tighter grip throwing the disc with a little more outside-in tends stop the disc slipping out of your hand as much and allows you to get more grip on the disc. Obviously this will shorten the range of throws you are looking to make, but in wet conditions everyone really should be looking to that that 10 - 20% of their throws anyway because of the conditions.

Maybe you practice throwing with a mate but wetting your hands and the disc before you start throwing trying to make it a bit greasier. Alternatively throwing around after a 10 minute jog or something where you have had the chance to build a nice sweat would also be a good way to practice in a more game like situation when you are fatigued and sweaty.

Those are my suggestions, I hope they help.

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