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Author Topic: WUGC 2008 - Day 4 - Mixed Division - Australia vs. Japan  (Read 3096 times)
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« on: August 06, 2008, 05:22:14 PM »

Another game report from WUGC.

Team Australia (Barramundis) vs. Team Japan in the Mixed Division.  Read the blog post here:



With only one loss under their belt, Team Australia (Barramundis) was looking to continue their winning record in the game against Team Japan.  But, aside from Team USA, Team Japan was a much tougher opponent than the Barramundis had seen up to this point.  Both teams knew it was going to be a hard faught battle, and they both came out swinging.

Team Australia started on offense and looked a little on edge.  Early into the point and Australia puts up a risky throw allowing Daisuke Miyakoshi (#12) to get the speedy run-through D.  But Team Japan was no Steady Eddie themselves and Leanne King (#9) earns the D checkmark when the disc is pretty much thrown right to her.  Australia back on the disc and Stephen "Wheely" Wealands (#77) sends a deep huck to Warwick "Wazza" Shepard (#76) for a big gain.  One pass later and Australia earns the first score of the game.

Australia decides to start their defensive strategy with the 3-3-1 zone.  But let's remember, this is Team Japan.  They work the disc with deadly accuracy and quickly earn the equalizing score.

The next point saw a series of turnovers by each team.  High stall count forces a turnover by Wheely to John "JD" Damiani (#2).  Japan forces another throw giving Leanne King another easy D.  JD then fires off a huck deep to "Tex" (#??), but Tex instead cuts under.  A miscommunication forces the turnover.  Another turn by Japan gives the Aussies a chance for the score, but Al Don (#0) gives it back with an errant throw.  Furthermore, he then gets scored on earning him the undesirable Double Unhappiness award.

Japan has their first break of the game.  Australia equalizes the score to 2-2, but Japan scores again quite quickly.  The game now 2-3 in favor of Japan, Australia is back on offense.  Al Don holds the disc and shows frustration at the lack of cuts from his fellow teammates.  He eventually attempts a big flick pass, only to have it foot blocked by Yumi Sakaguchi (#6).  Japan then scores earning them the second break point of the game.

Australia scores on the next possession, thus getting their defense back on the field.  Japan fires off a deep huck, but it goes too deep and Christopher Freise (#22) gets himself a nice D.  Australia works the disc to Adam Mortimer (#3) who lets off a big upfield huck to Huy Vu (#26).  One more pass and the Aussies earn back one of the break points.

Team Japan scores with ease, and the Aussies are back on offense.  The disc gets worked around and finally Al Don sends a BIG huck deep to Peter Blakeley (#23).  With Daisuke Miyakoshi hot on his heels, Peter is forced to make an early high-jumping attempt for the disc.  Although he gets his hands on it, he bobbles the disc and it looks like a turnover in the making.  But Peter has other ideas and readjusts himself for a second attempt layout catch.  YOU BEAUTY!  But was he in bounds?  The endzone spectators and players (including some other Japanese players) say he was in.  GOAL!

Japan back on O and Australia back on D, Japan scores easily amid what looks like a lackluster and listless Aussie defense.  The very next point sees a throw by Al Don to Mel Gangemi (#4) defended by Koichi Wada (#7).  Japan then scores to earn back their previously lost break point.

The very next point sees Al Don with an uncharacterstic unforced turnover throw straight into the ground.  Japan continues with their quick undercuts and excellent break throws.  Goal: Team Japan.  Timeout: Team Australia.

Looking to stop the bleeding, Australia comes out looking for a score but instead gives up the T/O when Japan's Koichi Wada gets the interception D.  Japan knows a score here will really hurt the Mundis and a timeout is called.  The game back on and Japan's Yasuhiro Tsukada (#3) puts up a high stall-count scoober for a T/O.  Another turnover from each team and Australia finally scores.  Score: 8-6 Japan in the lead.

Japan gives the Mundis a chance to earn back a break on the next point, but instead the Mundis give the disc right back and allow Japan to take the game to half.

Team Japan starts the 2nd half on O, but a turnover results in an Aussie score and one less break point against them.  Score: 9-7 Team Japan.

Aus scores the next point (thanks to Sebastian Barr's (#28) sticky D) and gets their defensive team back on the field.  The next point sees James Yorston (#8) with a great head's up D against his dump striking up the line.  James had his back to the disc, but since he kept his hands up he was able to get the no-look D.  NICE!  Unfortunately for Team Australia, they gave it right back to Team Japan for the score.

Fast forward to a score of 11-9 and Australia is looking to end Japan's lead one point at a time.  Japan lets loose a big huck to Takeshi Fukushima (#58) but once again James Yorston comes up with a expertly timed D from behind the receiver.  However, a tired looking throw from Max Wheeler (#7) to Cath Matthews (#21) equates to a turnover.  Japan calls a timeout to rest and then earns the score (Masami Yagura (#27) to Koichi Wada).

Japan opens up their defense and applies a 3-3-1 zone.  Australia executes many passes, but eventually the tenacious defense is too much and Japan takes possession of the disc.  A few back-to-back turnovers later and Japan scores when Al Don and Rebecca Carman attempt to switch defenders.  Another break point for Team Japan.  Score 13-9.

Australia gives up another break point when Japan scores after Wazza sends a HUGE deep huck to a streaking JD.  JD makes an unbelievable layout grab, but unfortunately drops the disc upon hitting the ground.  Another break point for Japan.

Jumping ahead to a score of 14-10, we find Australia on defense.  Japan's Mina Matsui (#77) attempts a sideline dump to Koichi Wada, but James Yorston again raises the bar with an awesome layout D.  Australia moves the disc into the hands of Adam Mortimer who unleashes a big cross field blady two-finger to none other than a skying James Yorston.  Score, and Double Happiness for James!

Unfortunately, however, for the Barramundis, it was too little too late.  A few scores later and Japan had the cat in the bag (despite a big but just-short layout D attempt by Adam Mortimer).  Japan takes the game.

Final Score: 16-12.


A good battle, but Team Japan was just too efficient.  What are they putting in the water over there?  Huh

- Seppo #22
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